Ava Harris (Year 7) plays with the National Prep Schools Orchestre

Over the summer holiday, I went to the National Prep School Orchestra Course, at Wellington College. I was a boarder as you could be a boarder or a day student.

There were two orchestras, Training for Grade 4 and under, Symphony for Grade five and up. I played violin in the training orchestra leading the second violins. Mostly we practiced as a whole orchestra but sometimes we split into our sections and rehearsed like that. I feel like I’ve really improved because tuition is fun.

In between our rehearsal we had leisure activities; swimming, tennis and games like rob the nest, they were really fun to take part in.

Playing in an orchestra is really fun, only being a part of the music but everyone matters.

 If you board you get a whole room to yourself and in the boarding house, on the last night we get to watch a film and have hot chocolate. If you are a day student you can go home to your parents every day.

 At the end of the end of the week we drove down to Winchester College and played in a massive hall; our dress code was a white blouse and black skirt, the boys wore a white shirt, black trousers and a colourful tie. Playing in the concert was really fun. The audience clapped really hard at the end of the concert.

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