LAMDA Success in the Summer Term

Our LAMDA classes have expanded. The number of students attending these classes has risen over the past year and it has been very exciting to discover a wealth of new talent. Last term our pupils were kept extremely busy as most of them prepared for examination in Performance: Acting. For those not involved in this process, class lessons were focused on the development of acting skills through group games and activities.

For the first time we entered the Level 3 Medal Examinations. Now, at Grade 6, four of our candidates have successfully earned their Bronze Medals. I am so proud of them all, as their achievement was the culmination of much research work and advanced acting practices. Abigail Harling, Amelia Tanner, Dabi Bakare and Gabriel Brown brought honour to the school and are to be congratulated on their diligence.

It was sad to say goodbye to four of our ‘long serving’ pupils who now move on to other schools. Shruti Kulkarni, Sid Deepak ( Grade 5) Mia Goodey and Alexander Panov ( Grade 4) have worked steadily and extremely well over the years in which they acquitted themselves well in their examinations. I wish them continued success in their LAMDA studies.

With the start of a new academic year, I look forward to working with our LAMDA pupils who enliven our lessons with much enthusiasm and responsiveness.

Mrs.H. Jenvey

These are the candidate results for our June, 2017 examination :-


GRADE 1 Solo            RUDI RICHARDSON                                                     PASS with DISTINCTION

GRADE 2  Duologue  REBECCA JOHNSON                                                PASS with DISTINCTION

JASMINE TODD                                                       PASS with DISTINCTION

GRADE 2 Duologue   DARIUSH MANUCHEHRI                                       PASS with DISTINCTION

CHARLES REEKIE                                                     PASS with DISTINCTION

GRADE 3 Solo            SEBASTIAN CANT                                                      PASS with DISTINCTION

CHARLIE MACAULEY                                             PASS with DISTINCTION

MOLLY HURST                                                         PASS with DISTINCTION

GRADE 3 Duologue  THOMAS HARDING                                                PASS with MERIT

MONTY NEAVE                                                       PASS with DISTINCTION



GRADE 4 Solo                   MIA GOODEY                                                  PASS with MERIT

ALEXANDER PANOV                                        PASS with MERIT

LEWIS O’DONOGHUE                                        PASS with DISTINCTION

GRADE 4 Duologue         LOGAN CLAYTON                                             PASS with DISTINCTION

MOHSIN RUBBANI                                           PASS with MERIT

REUBEN GERICKE                                             PASS with DISTINCTION

MEHDI RUBBANI                                             PASS with DISTINCTION

GRADE 5 Solo                 SHRUTI KULKARNI                                            PASS with MERIT

SID DEEPAK                                                          PASS with DISTINCTION


GRADE 6 Solo                 AMELIA TANNER                                               PASS with MERIT

ABIGAIL HARLING                                                 PASS with DISTINCTION

GRADE 6 Duologue        DABI BAKARE                                                    PASS with DISTINCTION

GABRIEL BROWN                                             PASS with DISTINCTION

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