Summer Exam Success at Holme Grange


Many congratulations to the following who took ABRSM music grade exams on Tuesday, 4th July:

Grade 1 Alto Saxophone

Taku Suzuki-Osborne – Merit

Grade 1 Singing

Annabel Luyckx – Distinction

Grade 1 Trumpet

Richard Deeks – Pass

Grade 1 Violin

Milo Harris – Pass

Grade 2 Bassoon

Charles Reekie – Pass

Grade 2 Piano

Jack Wooster – Merit

Grade 2 Singing

Sofia Ormazabal – Merit

Harriet Reekie – Pass

Grade 2 Violin

Charlie Hamer – Pass

Grade 3 Piano

Richard Deeks – Merit

Grade 3 Violin

Amy Showell – Pass

Ava Harris – Pass

Grade 4 Singing

Christopher Braga – Merit

Grade 4 Violin

Gabriel Brown – Pass

Very well done to Gabriel who also passed his Grade 5 Theory.



Many congratulations to those who took Trinity College London music grade exams towards the end of June and at the beginning of July.  All were successful and gained the following results:

Initial Guitar

Charlie Maund – Merit

Initial Piano

Aaryan Amrite – Merit

Grade 1 Piano

Mert Oner – Merit

Grade 2 Drum Kit

Thomas Urquhart – Pass

Joshua Harris-Hankinson – Pass

Grade 2 Piano

Aurelia Brown – Distinction (the highest mark – 90%)

Grade 3 Cello

Chloe Showell – Merit

Grade 4 Guitar

Can Oner – Merit

Grade 4 Piano

Can Oner – Merit

Grade 5 Cello

Amelia Tanner – Merit


LCM Exams

Many congratulations to those who took LCM music grade exams last Friday, 30th June, all of whom were successful and gained the following results:

Grade 1 Music Theatre
Scarlett Davey – Distinction
Mia Hallam – Merit

Grade 2 Music Theatre
Olivia Deakin – Distinction
James King – Distinction
Holly Hughes – Distinction
Emily Vickers – Distinction
Harriette Fallon – Distinction
Jasmine Todd – Distinction
Oliver Sleight – Distinction

Grade 4 Church Music
Sam Norman – Pass

Grade 4 Music Theatre
Ava Harris – Distinction
Millie Firth – Distinction
Erin Meakins – Distinction

Grade 6 Church Music
Reuben Gericke – Pass

Grade 6 Popular Music Vocals
Ella Martin – Distinction


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