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Maidenhead Festival Results – 2017

Many congratulations to those who participated in the recent Maidenhead Festival of Music and achieved such commendable results.  Nine pupils from Holme Grange entered the festival and between them won a total of eight medals (2 Gold, 5 Silver and 1 Bronze).



Piano Solo Beginners (10 years and under)

Natasha Iyer – Merit


Piano Solo (7 years and under)

Arjun Tahiliani – Merit


Piano Solo (10 years and under)

Aurelia Brown – Distinction (Gold)


Piano Solo (13-14 years)

Gabriel Brown – Commended (Gold)


Grade 3

Aurelia Brown – Distinction (Silver)



Show Song (under 10 years)

Harriette Fallon – Commended (Silver)

Emily Paumelle – Commended (Silver)

Lucas Tanner – Merit (Bronze)


Show Song (10-11 years)

Aurelia Brown – Commended (Silver)

Hollie Tanner – Merit


Show Song (12-13 years)

Amelia Tanner – Commended (Silver)

Summer Exam Success at Holme Grange


Many congratulations to the following who took ABRSM music grade exams on Tuesday, 4th July:

Grade 1 Alto Saxophone

Taku Suzuki-Osborne – Merit

Grade 1 Singing

Annabel Luyckx – Distinction

Grade 1 Trumpet

Richard Deeks – Pass

Grade 1 Violin

Milo Harris – Pass

Grade 2 Bassoon

Charles Reekie – Pass

Grade 2 Piano

Jack Wooster – Merit

Grade 2 Singing

Sofia Ormazabal – Merit

Harriet Reekie – Pass

Grade 2 Violin

Charlie Hamer – Pass

Grade 3 Piano

Richard Deeks – Merit

Grade 3 Violin

Amy Showell – Pass

Ava Harris – Pass

Grade 4 Singing

Christopher Braga – Merit

Grade 4 Violin

Gabriel Brown – Pass

Very well done to Gabriel who also passed his Grade 5 Theory.



Many congratulations to those who took Trinity College London music grade exams towards the end of June and at the beginning of July.  All were successful and gained the following results:

Initial Guitar

Charlie Maund – Merit

Initial Piano

Aaryan Amrite – Merit

Grade 1 Piano

Mert Oner – Merit

Grade 2 Drum Kit

Thomas Urquhart – Pass

Joshua Harris-Hankinson – Pass

Grade 2 Piano

Aurelia Brown – Distinction (the highest mark – 90%)

Grade 3 Cello

Chloe Showell – Merit

Grade 4 Guitar

Can Oner – Merit

Grade 4 Piano

Can Oner – Merit

Grade 5 Cello

Amelia Tanner – Merit


LCM Exams

Many congratulations to those who took LCM music grade exams last Friday, 30th June, all of whom were successful and gained the following results:

Grade 1 Music Theatre
Scarlett Davey – Distinction
Mia Hallam – Merit

Grade 2 Music Theatre
Olivia Deakin – Distinction
James King – Distinction
Holly Hughes – Distinction
Emily Vickers – Distinction
Harriette Fallon – Distinction
Jasmine Todd – Distinction
Oliver Sleight – Distinction

Grade 4 Church Music
Sam Norman – Pass

Grade 4 Music Theatre
Ava Harris – Distinction
Millie Firth – Distinction
Erin Meakins – Distinction

Grade 6 Church Music
Reuben Gericke – Pass

Grade 6 Popular Music Vocals
Ella Martin – Distinction


Ava Harris (Year 7) plays with the National Prep Schools Orchestre

Over the summer holiday, I went to the National Prep School Orchestra Course, at Wellington College. I was a boarder as you could be a boarder or a day student.

There were two orchestras, Training for Grade 4 and under, Symphony for Grade five and up. I played violin in the training orchestra leading the second violins. Mostly we practiced as a whole orchestra but sometimes we split into our sections and rehearsed like that. I feel like I’ve really improved because tuition is fun.

In between our rehearsal we had leisure activities; swimming, tennis and games like rob the nest, they were really fun to take part in.

Playing in an orchestra is really fun, only being a part of the music but everyone matters.

 If you board you get a whole room to yourself and in the boarding house, on the last night we get to watch a film and have hot chocolate. If you are a day student you can go home to your parents every day.

 At the end of the end of the week we drove down to Winchester College and played in a massive hall; our dress code was a white blouse and black skirt, the boys wore a white shirt, black trousers and a colourful tie. Playing in the concert was really fun. The audience clapped really hard at the end of the concert.

LAMDA Success in the Summer Term

Our LAMDA classes have expanded. The number of students attending these classes has risen over the past year and it has been very exciting to discover a wealth of new talent. Last term our pupils were kept extremely busy as most of them prepared for examination in Performance: Acting. For those not involved in this process, class lessons were focused on the development of acting skills through group games and activities.

For the first time we entered the Level 3 Medal Examinations. Now, at Grade 6, four of our candidates have successfully earned their Bronze Medals. I am so proud of them all, as their achievement was the culmination of much research work and advanced acting practices. Abigail Harling, Amelia Tanner, Dabi Bakare and Gabriel Brown brought honour to the school and are to be congratulated on their diligence.

It was sad to say goodbye to four of our ‘long serving’ pupils who now move on to other schools. Shruti Kulkarni, Sid Deepak ( Grade 5) Mia Goodey and Alexander Panov ( Grade 4) have worked steadily and extremely well over the years in which they acquitted themselves well in their examinations. I wish them continued success in their LAMDA studies.

With the start of a new academic year, I look forward to working with our LAMDA pupils who enliven our lessons with much enthusiasm and responsiveness.

Mrs.H. Jenvey

These are the candidate results for our June, 2017 examination :-


GRADE 1 Solo            RUDI RICHARDSON                                                     PASS with DISTINCTION

GRADE 2  Duologue  REBECCA JOHNSON                                                PASS with DISTINCTION

JASMINE TODD                                                       PASS with DISTINCTION

GRADE 2 Duologue   DARIUSH MANUCHEHRI                                       PASS with DISTINCTION

CHARLES REEKIE                                                     PASS with DISTINCTION

GRADE 3 Solo            SEBASTIAN CANT                                                      PASS with DISTINCTION

CHARLIE MACAULEY                                             PASS with DISTINCTION

MOLLY HURST                                                         PASS with DISTINCTION

GRADE 3 Duologue  THOMAS HARDING                                                PASS with MERIT

MONTY NEAVE                                                       PASS with DISTINCTION



GRADE 4 Solo                   MIA GOODEY                                                  PASS with MERIT

ALEXANDER PANOV                                        PASS with MERIT

LEWIS O’DONOGHUE                                        PASS with DISTINCTION

GRADE 4 Duologue         LOGAN CLAYTON                                             PASS with DISTINCTION

MOHSIN RUBBANI                                           PASS with MERIT

REUBEN GERICKE                                             PASS with DISTINCTION

MEHDI RUBBANI                                             PASS with DISTINCTION

GRADE 5 Solo                 SHRUTI KULKARNI                                            PASS with MERIT

SID DEEPAK                                                          PASS with DISTINCTION


GRADE 6 Solo                 AMELIA TANNER                                               PASS with MERIT

ABIGAIL HARLING                                                 PASS with DISTINCTION

GRADE 6 Duologue        DABI BAKARE                                                    PASS with DISTINCTION

GABRIEL BROWN                                             PASS with DISTINCTION

Spring Term Exam Success!

Trinity College of Music Results

Many congratulations to all of those who took Trinity College music grade exams on Tuesday, 28th March and Sunday, 2nd April.  All were successful and gained the following results:

Initial Guitar

Jake Rodgers – Pass

Initial Piano

Aadi Jain – Merit

Andreas Parkin – Pass

Grade 1 Drum Kit

Harry Short – Pass

Grade 1 Piano

Aurelia Brown – Distinction (gaining 90%. the highest mark of the day)

Grade 1 Trumpet

Shaan Sullivan – Pass

Grade 2 Cello

Jessica Harling – Pass

Grade 4 Rock and Pop Drum Kit

Theo Snelling – Merit



Many congratulations to those who took ABRSM grade exams on Wednesday, 15th March, all of whom were successful and gained the following results:

Grade 1 Clarinet

Jacob Ormazabal – Pass

Grade 1 Flute

Piper Figg – Merit

Grade 1 Piano

Chloe Showell – Merit

Grade 1 Singing

Harriette Fallon – Merit

Holly Hughes – Merit

Olivia Cox – Pass

Jasmine Todd – Pass


ABRSM Theory of Music

Very well done to those who took music theory exams at the beginning of March and achieved the following results:

Grade 1 Theory

Aurelia Brown – Distinction

Charlie Hamer – Distinction

Leonor Nunes – Distinction

Grade 4 Theory

Amy Showell – Merit



LCM Exam Success

Many congratulations to those who took LCM music grade exams on Monday, 20th March.  All were successful and gained the following results:

Grade 1 Music Theatre

Emily Vickers – Distinction

Olivia Deakin – Distinction

James King – Distinction

Oliver Sleight – Merit

Grade 1 Popular Music Vocals

Zack Dutton – Distinction

Grade 2 Music Theatre

Matthew Vickers – Distinction

Jo Jo Brant – Distinction

Lucas Tanner – Merit

Grade 3 Music Theatre

Aurelia Brown – Distinction (gaining the highest mark of the day – 95%)

Grade 4 Music Theatre

Leonor Nunes – Merit

Grade 5 Music Theatre

Max Reynolds – Distinction

Nicholas Miranda Zezula – Distinction

Joshua McCall – Distinction

Grade 6 Popular Music Vocals

Heather Evans – Pass

Grade 8 Popular Music Vocals

Emily Cox – Distinction – A special mention must go to Emily; this is her second Grade 8 distinction this academic year – a huge achievement! Well done, Emily!


Music Results – ABRSM exams & Woodley Festival 2017

ABRSM Music Exams

Many congratulations to those who took the ABRSM Prep Test on Wednesday, 15th March and received such wonderful reports.  They were: Scarlett Davey (singing) and Noah Gibbs, Tejas Jain, Sofia Ormazabal and Zac Sims (all piano).

Special congratulations to Nicholas Miranda Zezula who gained a Distinction in his ABRSM Grade 6 Violin Exam this term – an amazing achievement!


Woodley Festival of Music – Piano and Vocal Sections

Very well done to all those from Holme Grange who performed so well in the solo sections of the Woodley Festival over the last two weekends (11th/12th March and 17th/18th/19th March).  Two gold medals and four bronze medals were awarded to pupils from the school and Aurelia Brown received the Rainbow Trophy for the Best Performance in three of the Musical Show Solo Classes (8 years, 9 years and 10 years).


The results are as follows:


Piano Section

Piano Solo Beginners, 8 and under

Noah Gibbs – Highly Commended

Mia Luyckx – Highly Commended

Piano Solo, 7 and under

Tejas Jain – Promising

Piano Solo, 8 years

Zac Sims – Highly Commended

Piano Solo, 10 years

Oliver Rix – Highly Commended

Piano Solo, 12 and under

Aadi Jain – Highly Commended

Piano Solo, Grade 1

Aurelia Brown – Distinction (3rd)

Nicholas Miranda Zezula – Distinction (3rd)

Piano Solo, Grade 2

Claudia-Ann Sleator – Highly Commended

Piano Solo, Grade 3

Richard Deeks – Distinction

Piano Solo, Grade 5

Gabriel Brown – Highly Commended (3rd)

Piano Duet/Trio, 13 and under

Aurelia and Gabriel Brown – Distinction (1st)



Vocal Section

Musical Show Solo, 8 and under

Jo Jo Brant – Distinction (3rd)

Annabel Luyckx – Distinction

Musical Show Solo, 10 and under

Aurelia Brown – Distinction (1st)

Ava Harris – Highly Commended

Musical Show Solo, 11 and under

Reuben Gericke – Distinction

Max Reynolds – Highly Commended

Musical Show Solo, 12 and under

Rose Joseph-Kevan – Highly Commended

A Night At The Musicals – Rehearsals Feb-March

Monday 27th Feb 4.30-6pm MATILDA full cast
Tuesday 28th Feb 12.55-1.25 Matilda, Miss Honey, Miss Trunchbull
Thursday 2nd March 4.30-6pm INTO THE WOODS Full cast
Friday 3rd March 1.35-2.05 Mr & Mrs Wormwood, Matilda, Michael
Monday 6th March 4.30-6pm OLIVER Full cast
Tuesday 7th March 12.55-1.25 Oliver, Dodger, Charley, Scruff, Nipper, Harry, Bobby, Pockets (Consider Yourself)
Thursday 9th March 12.25-12.55 Scaramouche, Purple, Yellow, Blue, Green & Pink Ga Ga girls (Somebody To Love)
4.30-6pm WE WILL ROCK YOU Full Cast
Friday 10th March 1.35-2.05 Oliver, Dodger, Charley, Scruff, Nipper, Harry, Bobby, Pockets, Fagin, Nancy, Bet, Fagin’s Gang (I’d Do Anything)
Monday 13th March 4.30-6pm INTO THE WOODS, OLIVER & SOUND OF MUSIC Full casts – Run Act 1
Tuesday 14th March 12.55-1.25 Maria, Liesl, Friedrich, Louisa, Kurt, Brigitta, Marta, Gretl (Do, Re, Mi)
Thursday 16th March 12.25-12.55 TBC
4.30-6pm WE WILL ROCK YOU & MATILDA Full Casts – Run Act 2
Friday 17th March 1.35-2.05 TBC
Saturday 18th March 2pm-5pm WHOLE COMPANY – Full Run Through
Monday 20th March 4.30-6pm TBC (Possibly full cast)
Tuesday 21st March 12.55-1.25 TBC
Thursday 23rd March 6.30-8.30pm PERFORMANCE 1

(Arrival times to be arranged)

Friday 24th March 7pm-9pm PERFORMANCE 2

(Arrival times to be arranged)


Please note that the after school rehearsals are scheduled until 6PM from Monday 27th February. Please arrange to be collected from the Caudwell Hall at the end of these rehearsals.

Don’t forget to organise your costume items too – all information is on the Music blog (

Please let Miss Whiterod know if you are unable to attend any rehearsals.

A Night At The Musicals – Costume Requirements

Please check carefully and provide the items for your different roles in the showcase. All other items will be provided.

Please bring them to school after half term in a named plastic bag. Thank you J

We Will Rock You

Marco – plain black t-shirt, black plimsoles or boots

Joseph – white shirt, grey trousers, school shoes

Alice – smart dress or skirt & blouse, school shoes

Timi – jeans, white t-shirt, converse or similar trainers

Emily – punk outfit (any colour or style)

Ga Ga Girls – White shorts, white plimsoles (perhaps see if you can all get the same white shorts)

Ga Ga Kids – black plimsoles, black leggings or plain tracksuit bottoms, plain white t-shirt



Orphans (including Oliver) – Black leggings (girls), grey trousers (boys), black plimsoles

Fagin’s Gang (including named characters) – black plimsoles, grey trousers.



Ella – white short sleeved blouse, school shoes, long white socks

Louis – comfy tracksuit bottoms, baggy t-shirt, trainers, cap

Rose – smart dress or skirt & blouse, shoes

Lottie – long grey socks, school shoes, white shirt

Pupils & Class Singers – School skirt or trousers, white shirt, school shoes


The Sound Of Music

Mohsin – black or grey trousers, white shirt, school shoes

Von Trapp Children – navy long socks, school shoes, plain white t-shirt, white ankle or long socks

Max – white shirt, grey trousers, school shoes

Katie – smart dress and shoes

Joshua – white shirt, tie, grey or black trousers, school shoes

Crowd – smart dresses, skirts & blouses, school trousers or black trousers, shirts, ties, cardigans, school shoes, black plimsoles (please provide a whole outfit)


Into The Woods

Emma & Timi – plain black t-shirt, black leggings or plain tracksuit bottoms, black plimsoles

Christopher – Grey long socks, white shirt, school shoes

Max – grey or black trousers, white shirt, school shoes

Aneesa – skirt & blouse, school shoes, tights (if needed)

Chloe, Rosie & Katie – party type dresses (see me if needed), party accessories

Amelia – plain black t-shirt, black leggings, black plimsoles

Abi – plain top and cardigan

Emily – black skirt, top and tights, school shoes or black plimsoles

Joshua – school trousers or black trousers, white shirt, bow tie


Please do let me know at if you have any queries or difficulties with any of the items.

Many thanks


Berkshire Music & Arts Festival – January 2017

Many congratulations to all those who participated in the Berkshire Music and Arts Festival last weekend (28th/29th January), all of whom performed so well, achieving a wonderful set of results:



Grade 1/2 Solo

Sofia Ormazabal – Winner (Distinction- 87)

Harriette Fallon (Commended – 86)

Holly Hughes (Commended – 85)


Musical Show Solo (11 years and under)

Nicholas Miranda Zezula – Winner (Outstanding- 90)

Reuben Gericke (Distinction- 88)

Emily Vickers (Distinction- 88)

Matthew Vickers (Distinction- 88)

Jo Jo Brant (Distinction- 87)

Ava Harris (Distinction- 87)

Lucas Tanner (Commended- 86)

Olivia Deakin (Commended- 85)

Scarlett Davey (Commended- 84)

Hollie Tanner (Commended- 84)

Jessica Harling (Merit- 83)


Musical Show Solo (15 years and under)

Abigail Harling (Commended- 84)

Nicholas Miranda Zezula was awarded the Challenge Cup for the highest mark in the musical show classes.



Piano Solo, 9 years and under

Chloe Showell (Distinction- 88)


Grade 1 Solo

Aurelia Brown – Winner (Outstanding- 90)


Grade 4 Solo

Amy Showell – Winner (Distinction- 87)


Grade 5 Solo

Gabriel Brown (Commended- 85)

Aurelia Brown was awarded the Challenge Cup for the highest mark in the Grade 1-5 piano solo classes.