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Eaton Grange Arts Award

As part of your Arts Award, you need to review an arts event you have been to. This could be a theatre visit, concert, gig, art gallery or exhibition or any other visit to an arts activity. Please leave a comment here to outline what you went to see, and a review of the experience. Year 8, you will also need to comment on what you learnt from the experience that you could use in your own arts practice.

See Miss Whiterod with any further questions.

Eaton Grange work on the Arts Award


Pupils in Eaton Grange are currently working towards their bronze Arts Award – click here for more details http://www.artsaward.org.uk/site/?id=65

In order to complete this, they have to research their own arts heroes.

Who are your arts heroes and why?

They can be musicians, pop stars, actors, artists, djs or similar and do not have to be famous!